About Us

Serious players in the IT industry understand that there is no time to
waste on lawyers who just don’t get it. At Arnotts Technology Lawyers we have developed significant experience advising the IT industry over many years and gained a unique understanding of the requirements of hi-tech clients. We listen carefully to our clients’ instructions and take great care to ensure that each step we take is in our clients’ best interests.



Arnotts Technology Lawyers is a boutique law firm based in the Sydney CBD. We act for clients, big and small, all over Australia in the tech and telco space. We also act for a range of international clients who carry on business in Australia.

The principal of the firm is Alan Arnott. Alan is an experienced lawyer who specialises in technology law. He has degrees in law and computer science and works collaboratively with clients involved in the exploitation of technology and telecommunications products and services. Alan regularly advises on complex contractual arrangements. He has experience preparing and negotiating a wide range of technology and telecommunications agreements including licensing, supply, distribution, reseller, joint venture and shareholder agreements. He advises on the formation of tech and telco businesses, and provides advice to participants in commercial technology-centric transactions and the resolution of technology disputes. Alan regularly represents and advises clients on hi-tech deals and commercial disputes worth millions of dollars.

We act for many suppliers and procurers of a wide range of technology, including providers of cloud technology. Our clients in the cloud space include platform service providers that sell services on a software-as-a-service basis, managed service providers who provide virtual services including virtual hardware, data centre operators who co-locate equipment, software developers who have smartphone apps that are integrated with cloud-based components, and a range of clients who are consumers of cloud technology.  We regularly prepare and negotiate Terms of Use, Access Agreements, Cloud Computing Agreements, Privacy Policies, Smartphone App End User Licence Agreements, White Label Distribution Agreements, Reseller Agreements, Managed Services Agreement and a range of other documents for our cloud computing clients.



If you engage Arnotts Technology Lawyers, you can take comfort in the following:

  1. We are experts in our field.
  2. Our fees are competitive. We will, where possible, provide fixed fee quotes so that you know exactly how much our services will cost.
  3. Other than in exceptional cases, you do not have to pay us for printing, photocopying or secretarial services.
  4. We will not prepare one-sided agreements that your customers will never agree to.
  5. We will not waste your time or money sending you long letters advising on issues that can be more efficiently conveyed in a quick email or telephone call.
  6. We will understand the technology that you are building, deploying, launching or exploiting most likely without any explanation, or with minimal explanation.
  7. We will treat you with respect.
  8. We will respond promptly to your telephone calls and emails.
  9. We will act in your best interests.
  10. We will act ethically and with integrity.



Our rates are highly competitive. We are up front about our fees and will provide fixed fee engagements in many cases. If you are considering engaging our firm, please contact us for a free no-obligation discussion about our services and fees.