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If you are a successful senior technology executive, much of your time and attention is taken up by dealing with draft contracts and negotiating an ever-mounting array of commercial contracts. You may think you already have the necessary legal expertise on hand, but you’ll be surprised to learn that many executives are sorely unprepared when it comes to legal matters.
The simple truth is that many CEOs have great skill in managing day-to-day operations, and yet the generic legal advice most of them rely on is inadequate to spot the potholes and pitfalls that may be hiding in a technology contract. Without an experienced contract expert on hand, you could be jeopardising your business.

In this insightful book, you’ll learn more about these legal myths:

  • Customers who pay to have the technology developed, always own the IP
  • Confidentiality agreements are not legally enforceable
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Don’t Need Legal Review
  • General lawyers are perfect for technology contract negotiations



Alan Arnott is the trusted legal advisor to top senior technology executives who want to improve the commercial, legal and financial success of their organisations.

For the last decade Alan has been representing both tech suppliers and customers in deal negotiations, consistently providing a new level of successful outcomes for his valued clients. Alan has extensive experience drafting, reviewing and negotiating a broad range of legal agreements, advising on legal issues, and assisting clients to resolve disputes. With university qualifications in both law and computer science, Alan understands the legal and tech issues that matter most to his clients and can quickly pinpoint the critical issues in any commercial contract negotiation.

If you are a CEO or senior executive, every day you are driving decisions that will affect both the short-term and long-term success of your company. If you are involved in technology contract negotiations, you cannot afford to be without this indispensable book that exposes the 10 legal myths most CEOs fall prey to.

Alan is an extremely good lawyer. He has an attention to detail that is essential in complex situations. He is level-headed and does very well under pressure. He was on top of all details when we worked with him and worked above and beyond the call of duty. I would use him again and would recommend him as one of the best lawyers I have ever dealt with.

Dr. Ron Dembo

Founder and CEO, Zerofootprint

Alan is someone you want on your team. He is a very competent and energetic lawyer who is a pleasure to work with. He is laser-focused on getting the best outcome quickly. I would be happy to recommend Alan and look forward to working with him in the future.

Nick Austin

CEO / Founder - Divvy Parking

I have used Alan’s expertise several times now and have found him to always exceed my expectations. He is an expert in the technology law area and he is great to work with. His flexibility, knowledge, expertise make him a perfect service provider! I highly recommend him.

Bob Hughes

McLarens | Global Chief Information Officer

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for providing ongoing support to our Australian subsidiary IPSTAR Australia over the past few years. We have come to trust and rely on your assistance and counsel in various aspects of our business operations and your guidance during material contract negotiations.

THAICOM Public Company Limited

THAICOM Public Company Limited

To drive the growth of your business, you’re probably interfacing with multiple external partners critical to your “ecosystem” as your company gains more and more market share. Creating strong legal technology agreements that focus on your company’s priorities ensures your commercial negotiations and business relationships are profitable and successful.

Unfortunately, Alan has witnessed too many companies cutting corners for legal advice on tech issues, settling instead for opinions from senior managers and lawyers with no experience in technology contract negotiations. He has seen first-hand how legal myths mislead CEOS and their companies and block the path to commercial success.

Myths like:

  • “We have no liability over personal information collected by other vendors and clients”
  • “It’s okay to start the project with a partner prior to negotiating the agreement”
  • “Handshake deals among those that I trust are as good as legal documents”
  • “A privacy policy is just a standard ‘cut and paste,’ nothing we should concern ourselves with.”
  • “The use of open source code into our product has no impact or liability.”

Don’t jeopardise your technology contract negotiations with faulty legal advice!