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A Few Things You Never Knew About YouTube

Do you know which countries YouTube is banned in? Have you heard how much revenue YouTube raises annually?


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Staggering YouTube Statistics

How Popular Is Youtube?
Number of YouTube users: 1 Billion
Number of YouTube views per day: 4 Billion
Hours of video watched per month on YouTube: 6 Billion
Video uploaded to YouTube per minute: 100 Hours
Average Youtube mobile video views per day: 1 Billion (40% of all traffic)
Percentage of people that use YouTube during work hours: 14.4%
3rd most viewed website after Google and Facebook


Who Is The Biggest On YouTube?
Most subscribed to Youtube channel : YouTube Spotlight Channel – 15 Million subscribers
Most watched video on YouTube: Gangnam Style – 1,809,611,721 views
1st video on Youtube: “Me at the zoo” by co-founder Jawed Karim on April 23, 2005


Where Is YouTube?
YouTube HQ is at 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, California, United States
Youtube is localised in 56 countries
Youtube is in 61 languages
YouTube is banned in China, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Sudan, Tajikstan and Turkmenistan


How Much Money Does YouTube Make?
More than a million creators from 30 countries are earning money from their YouTube videos
YouTube is expected to attract $5 billion in advertising revenue in 2013


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